coaching, facilitation, training, MBTI® typology, career and organizational consulting

I am a passionate coach, trainer, consultant and facilitator.

I am a wife, mum, daughter and sister.

I can run the globe!

I keep learning.

I am an ENTJ :-)


I coach, facilitate, run workshops and provide MBTI® and GPOP personality assessment.


I can support you through leveraging your strengths and helping to recognize your liabilities. I provide space for contemplation and seeking answers. I can apply common sense. I strive to seek effectiveness in processes and focus on follow-up. I am capable to spot connections and interdependencies. I am an optimist. 


I am experienced in coaching, facilitation, leading workshops as well as in HR front office and back office functions - client support/business partnering and training & development. All in fast-paced international environment.

I have been providing MBTI® assessment and running workshops since 2008.


I graduated in international relations and diplomacy and foreign languages (English, Russian and French) at VSE in Prague.

I am a qualified MBTI® practitioner. I acquired my qualification at OKA Associates, Fairfax, Virginia.

I obtained ACE Practitioner certification from Academy of Coaching Excellence, Prague. Iam an EMCC member.

I hold an ITCA - Individual Team Coach Foundation certification from EMCC Global.



Coaching is an ideal tool when you need to move ahead, when making difficult decisions, when you need to look at issues from a different point of view, when in need to sort out your thoughts. Your time and your space. Your solution.

 MBTI® Personality Typology

Do you sometimes have a feeling that others are doing things to drive you crazy? Do you hear from others you are doing things to make them crazy? It can be due to inner preferences we are unaware of. Let´s find out more.

Team Coaching and Facilitation

Effective collaboration, trust, setting ground rules - team topics that can be a challnge to address in daily operations. I can help you put your team puzzle together with team coaching and facilitation. 


Shall you need to enhance cooperation in your teams, improve communication, decrease the level of conflict or work on leadership style - all can be addressed in a soft-skills workshop for you and your team. The workshops are tailored according to your team needs.

Career Consultancy

Are you thinking about moving your career ahead? How to better utilize your potential? How to get closer to what you really enjoy doing? We can find answers to all these questions and help open the door of your choice. 

Organizational Consultacy

Do you sometimes find processes do not run as smoothly as you´d like? A fresh look from the outside can help you look at your own company from a different point of view. It helps not to take things for granted. It brings new ideas. Your decision whether to use its benefits.

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