MBTI® stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It represents a system of 16 personality types based on our mental preferences.

What is MBTI®?

MBTI® is currently one of the most widely used personality typologies. It is based on findings of the research of Karl Gustav Jung, further developed by Isabelle Myers a Katherine Briggs. It works with a concept of mental preferences, which it hypothesizes are innate. It increases our awareness of the mental preferences and teaches us to embrace them.

With the help of MBTI® we can:

  • Increase awareness of our mental preferences, our strengths and liabilities. We can identify what prevents us from flying higher :-).
  • Find our preferred type, learn what energizes us and what drives our energy away.
  • Observe how preferences project themselves in our behavior and learn how to work with them.
  • Get a different view on why others are doing what they are doing:-).